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My BP Oil Claim

Case Study: Claims Strategies Group, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Claim Services Group

The Problem
Our client, Claims Strategies Group, “CSG,” has been providing assistance to BP Deepwater Horizon spill clients since May of 2010.  CSG had a unique problem. They were in a position to help out those affected in a significant and meaningful way, but there was only so much that their staff could do each and every day to crunch the numbers, analyze the data, interview each claimant, prove the causation, and create professional reports for each claim that would be accepted by the Settlement Authority.

How could Claims Strategies Group help more people with their claims using their expert methods, while maintaining the same or greater level of quality?


The Solution
IT Strategies Group had the answer with their OilClaim Calculator™, the only software solution on the market to automate oil spill claims in an accurate and credible way in accordance with the Settlement Authority's rules and guidelines.

After a significant amount of time spent evaluating the needs of Claims Strategies Group, the engineering team at IT Strategies Group customized a version of their OilClaim Calculator™ specifically for the requirements of CSG.

  • Today, as of June 2012, CSG has processed claims valued in excess of hundreds of Millions of Dollars thus far for thousands of clients using the OilClaim Calculator™.
  • CSG assisted in securing the largest single BP oil claim award for a resort property in Florida through the OilClaim Calculator™.
  • Under the new Settlement Authority, CSG reviewed and revised a claim submitted by a client and their accountants and increased the claim from $2.3 Million Dollars to over $8.5 Million Dollars
  • Whatever the claim, CSG uses the OilClaim Calculator to maximize the recoverable claim amount for the individual or business that was affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.


The BP Settlement:
Good News for Getting Paid

On March 2, 2012 BP agreed to place $7.8 Billion dollars under court supervision of Federal Judge Carl Barbier in order to compensate claimants. The most important aspect of this settlement is the fact that there is NO cap on the amount that BP will have to pay. If the $7.8 Billion is inadequate to pay amounts owed to businesses and individuals who have incurred losses as a result of the oil spill, BP will have to put in more money.


Experienced and Proven Methods

The OilClaim Calculator™ was designed from the ground up by the engineering team at IT Strategies Group and tailored to the needs of those affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and the legal, accounting, and claims professionals that support them. This problem solving, ground-breaking cloud-based enterprise software is the only automated BP claim software on the market for BP oil spill claim calculations. As a proven tool for calculating BP claims in a credible and time effective fashion, the OilClaim Calculator™ has been used for thousands of BP claims and calculated hundreds of millions of dollars in claims that resulted in successful settlement awards.



The OilClaim Calculator is the only automated BP claim solution on the market for BP oil spill claim calculations, reporting, and submission. Find out NOW if you are entitled to a BP claim settlement for your business or your household and how much you can expect to be paid!