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BP Claim Cash-Out Now Available for Accountants, Attorneys and Claims Firms

A Cash-Out Solution is Now Available For the First Time in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Litigation through the OilClaim Calculator Program

IT Strategies Group, the providers of OilClaim Calculator software, is announcing the availability of cash buyouts for BP claims preparers that are tired of waiting and want to sell their entire portfolio. This exciting offering allows a claims firm, for example, an accountant or law firm, to avoid the wait and uncertainty associated with BP claim payments.

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Previously, the only option on the table for claims preparers was to "keep their chips in the pot" and patiently wait. There are new requirements as part of Policy 495 that require re-calculations of every single claim and this adds a new element of challenge to the interminable waits or to ever receiving payment. Some BP claims are reduced in size; some BP claims are no longer valid for a reward at all and, every claim now requires complex reconciliations of book-to-tax gross and net incomes before consideration of any deficiencies for Matching Criteria Tests and Matching Resolutions. For the claim preparers that want to remove the uncertainty and are not inclined to review claims under Policy 495, there is now a solution to get paid a discounted rate for their books of claim business, and to move on with their practices and generating their core revenues, whether they be accounting or tax work, legal services, or even adjusting services.

"This is the first solution of this kind. Previously, you had to sign protracted finance agreements with legal settlement firms, and continue servicing the BP claims at your expense. That is not the case with this offering. Through our new offering, we can buy an entire BP claim portfolio, no matter how small, and you get a wire transfer and allow you to move on with your business. We are able to take clients with 10 claims in their portfolio, and get them cashed out and paid in full, in roughly 30 days, less finance charges and transaction fees. No such offering existed before. We are proud to offer this BP Claim cash-out option to our clients or to others that have simply given up most hope and want to move on," said Craig Sienema, Vice President of IT Strategies Group.

If you, or your firm, are interested in more information regarding the exclusive cash-out offers from ITSG, please complete the evaluation form and submit or contact Craig Sienema, Vice-President, for more details.

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Craig Sienema
Vice President