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Why do the top Law Firms, CPA Firms, and Claims Preparation Firms choose ITSG's cloud-based OilClaim Calculator Software for processing their BP Claims instead of spreadsheets?

WARNING: If you prepare BP Claims, then you should be aware of the compelling reasons below regarding why you should upgrade from the desktop-based spreadsheet approach that was made obsolete over a year ago upon release of our software. Prevention of fraud, regulatory compliance, data integrity, data security, business continuity are only the beginning of the list of benefits and advantages over desktop-based spreadsheets. See below for more details.

Advantages of Processing BP Claims in ITSG's Cloud-Based OilClaim Calculator Software

Very Low Vulnerability to Fraud with Built-in Financial Controls - All Formulas and Algorithms are Controlled by ITSG, Locked and Not Editable by Users and can Not be Overwritten by copying/pasting/linking numerical data

Fully Automated Decision Making for Maximum Compensation Every Time to Remove Human Error. Resulted in 7% Higher Total Compensation on Average via ITSG internal study of 1,000 BP Claims

SAS70 Compliant (Sorbanes Oxley [SOX] Compliant)

Cloud Computing, Ultra-Resilient Architecture with 24x7x365 Active Monitoring within a Network Operations and Threat Monitoring Center

Data Secured by Industry-Leading and Government-Grade ProtectPoint Hardware and Software Firewall

PCI Compliant

Not Obstructive to Regulatory Compliance

Client information is Backed up daily in two, encrypted and secure locations

Satisfactory for Business Continuity with a Single-Data Storage Location that is Backed Up Remotely with Encryption

Data Integrity is Intact

Fit for Agile Business Changes and Climate Changes, as well as Ready for Weather Related Events such as Hurricanes

Easy to Consolidate Data and Reporting

Scales Automatically and Ready for Growth

Ready for Collaboration with Access-Controlled User Login and Management built for Sole Practitioners and Large Corporate Users to enable planning, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting.

Disadvantages of Processing BP Claims in a Spreadsheet on a Desktop Computer

High Vulnerability to Fraud - Fraudulent manipulations in company spreadsheet files have already resulted in Billion-Dollar losses. The main underlying reason behind this spreadsheet vulnerability is the inherent lack of controls, which makes it so easy to alter either formulas, values, or dependencies without being detected

Susceptible to Trivial Human Error - Not reliable. User must choose Highest Total Compensation

Not SAS70 (Sorbanes Oxley [SOX] Compliant)

Not Monitored. Desktop Application

Low Security with Desktop-Based Consumer Grade Firewall and Virus Software

Not PCI Compliant

Obstructive to Regulatory Compliance such as Sorbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank

No Backup of Client Data. Not Secure.

Unsuited for Business Continuity since Spreadsheet Data is Not Stored in a Single Location and Resides on the Computers of Multiple Users

Spreadsheet Data Integrity is Not Intact. Cells and Formulas can be deleted at any time losing all data integrity

Not Fit for Agile Business Changes and Climate Changes. Mergers and Acquisitions, Management Buyouts, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, uprisings, climate change, new technologies, and so on are problematic

Hard to Create Reports, Consolidating Data is a Labor-Intensive Manual Process and Sharing Data is Challenging

Scales Poorly. Spreadsheets Not Optimized for Growth

Susceptible to Erroneous and Duplicate Data and Not Built for Collaboration Planning, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting are all collaborative activities


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ABC 3 Top Stories. WEAR ABC 3 :: Online Oil Spill Claim Calculator in the news The BP oil spill affected nearly every industry around the Gulf of Mexico. Even individuals and industries that are not directly associated with the maritime or petroleum industries have seen a drop in revenue due to the ripple effect from declines in fishing, oil and gas production, and tourism.  If you you're an individual who suffered as a result or your business saw a drop in revenue due to the oil spill then we are here to help with your BP oil spill claim. You worked hard to build up your company; shouldn't you have someone who will work hard for you to get back what you lost? IT Strategies Group's battle-tested OilClaim Calculator™  cloud based software is secure and significantly reduces the time that it takes for you to properly submit your claim and get your settlement now! Learn More »

As of June 4, 2012, the U.S. Courts have decided that it's time to get you paid. The Economic & Property Damages Settlement resolves certain economic loss and property damage claims related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. If your claim is validated and you are included in this Settlement, you could receive money if you were harmed by the oil spill in one or more of the following categories:


The Latest Deepwater Horizon News: